Trendy Marble Tavla Takımı Ürün Detayları ve Yenigün Tavla tarafından üretilen Ahşap Tavla Takımları ve Deri Tavla Takımları Ürün Özellikleri

Trendy Marble Tavla main frames are made of 16mm, 12mm and 4mm Top Quality MDF Boards to maintain the durability of the rigid shape and form or our products. After profiling into various forms and measure, the MDF parts are proceeded to wrapping phase with PU glue with various form of Artificial Leather, High Gloss PVC and Finish Folio consistent with the product types. The inner & outer playing surfaces are applied with UV-curing High Glossy (95%) Acrylic Varnish with non- yellowing, solvent-free, smell & vapor-free. In our products, for locking mechanism, high-grade Neodymium Magnets are used. Accessories come as polyester, acrylic, plastic in form of checkers, dices, doubling cubes & dice cups changing to be used in different product group. Each Product are packed with its own carton box and are stocked to be sold after strict Quality Control. Ürün ölçüleri aşağıdadır. Farklı ölçü talepleriniz için lütfen iletişime geçiniz.
Ürün Ölçüleri (A): 49cm x 29cm x 7cm = 19.3'' x 11.4'' x 2.75''